New & Improved!


The last year, I have been pretty stubborn about creating my 'own' website without using outside sources.  Sadly, it's been a complete fail on making that happen. 

I wanted so badly to use wordpress as my way of creating a site, but I was out of my element and just could not get my arms around how to use that platform.  I spent extra money on drag and drop plugins, I watched video after video on how to use the new plugins.  Yet time after time, I would have to start over from scratch. I was basically without a functioning website for almost a year.

Just last week, I saw a world renowned artist (and one of my music mentors) using Bandzoogle as their website. And that was all I needed to give it a whirl.  Plus, they were offering a 30 day free trial.  I do not exaggerate when I say it was up and running within a few hours.  I took a few days tweaking the content, and by the end of the week I switched over my domain from wordpress to bandzoogle. 

I personally think it's important to have a place to go OUTSIDE of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.... a place you can call your own - without limitations or being force to pay for ads...etc.... 

More to come.... but very happy with what I've done so far.  Take a look and let me know what you think!  I even added a lyrics page (that's still being updated).


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