Adventures in Gig-getting!

Hi Friends!!  

Anyone want to team up with me on a gig-getting-adventure?   If you're IN, it's super easy.  Simply share two things:

What is it that you like about my music and/or my performance?  

What venue(s) would you like to

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New & Improved!


The last year, I have been pretty stubborn about creating my 'own' website without using outside sources.  Sadly, it's been a complete fail on making that happen. 

I wanted so badly to use wordpress as my way of creating…

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Songwriter's Workshop with Tina Malia

It's true.  I'm forever inspired by creative circles.  I'm writing a new batch of songs and miss creating with other songwriters. That being said, I'm joining a songwriting immersion with Tina Malia and other songwriters. "The Siren to the Sea…

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